If your teeth are healthy but do not look good and you want to reshape them with the least loss of tooth material, then the solution can be dental veneers for you. It is also veeners that solve your problem if you are not satisfied with the colour of your front teeth and teeth whitening does not improve the apperance of your teeth.

A veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain or composite that covers the front part of your front tooth. They are like fake fingernails fitted over your nails.

Veneers are used in many cases when orthodontics (braces) can not be applied to close interdental space or would last too long to achive desired results. This is also a sloution to compensate for a little bit broken or chipped front tooth or in case a tooth is not completely in line with your other front teeth. In addition, if your teeth got discoloured or stained due to medications or coffee consumption, veneers can restore the natural white colour of your teeth if bleachuing was not effective.

This is advised to treat all broken and chipped teeth not only for aesthetic reasons because all minor dental problems may lead to big ones if they are not treated. If your teeth are worned or you grind your teeth while sleeping then you can not have veneers so you will be recommended stronger and more durable solutions like crowns.

It takes a dental consultation to determine if you are suitable for veneers or you need other types of cosmetic dental treatments. The advantage of veneers is that only a very thin layer of tooth enamel must be removed and after preparation a special glue is needed to keep them in place.

If you are a dental tourism patient then this treatment can be performed in a 3-5 day visit to Budapest, depending on the number of teeth need veneers. Treatment itself is very gentle and local anesthesia is not always needed as neither drilling nor root canal is needed. During the first appointment a very thin layer of the enamel is removed and the dentist takes impression of the teeth treated. Then you choose the preferred colour of your veneers using a shade guide. After the first appointment it is highly likely that you do not need to wear temporary veneers because your teeth will look the same as they were before treatment. The only difference can be that they are less shiny and smooth. The dental lab prepares your veneers and during the second appointment your dentist will glue or cement them to place. To make your veneers last long you have to maintain the same oral hygine as before and do not chew and bite extra hard things like nuts with front teeth. Veneers are metal free and do not get discoloured and scratched. Tiny chips can be fixed, but after a while they need to be changed for your perfect smile.

These days there are two types of veneers available.

Direct composite veneers are of the same material as white aesthetic composite fillings. This type of veneers is cheaper and more affordable and perfect for cases where little cracks must be covered. Not only cover they the damaged part of your front teeth but they also protect the rest of your front teeth. The downside of composite veneers is that they are not so lasting so replacement is more often needed. The price of a direct composite veneer at our Budapest clinic is: 199EUR/140GBP.

E-max veneers are all porcelain veneers. The quality and durability of them are second to none. They are very popular as they can make a complete match to your existing teeth and it is nearly impossible to differentiate them from your own teeth. The price of an E-max veneer at our Budapest clinic is: 329EUR/256GBP.