To put your mind at ease, we offer a very comprehensive guarantee and significantly longer warranty periods on our work than is usually accepted. However, the warranty covers only technical errors as warranty against illnesses does not exist yet. In the unlikely event that a valued client experiences a problem with their treatment we will promptly arrange for the problem to be assessed and for recommendations for remedial work to be made.

Any problems with the materials used are usually apparent within the first two months of treatment. However, we ensure a significantly longer warranty period on the materials we use.

Guarantee period for dental treatments :

  • Tooth fillings, inlays and onlays – 1 year
  • Crowns – 3 year
  • Veneers – 2 year
  • Overdentures – 3 year
  • Removable tooth replacements – 1 year
  • Dental implants Alpha Bio, Nobel Biocare (only the product) – life-time guarantee


The Budapest Top Dental can not accept guarantee claims for temporary solutions.

Problems rarely occur within the warranty period thanks to our highly professional experts both in the surgery and in the dental laboratory.

Note: It is important that patients accept the advice of their dentist in relation to their treatment as failure to do so may cause unnecessary problems in the future.

All guarantee conditions in detail are available in the quote you receive. If during treatment implants were placed in addition to guarantee conditions you receive an implant passport that contains all information like size, type and position of the the screw placed in the jaw.

After your treatment is completed your dentist will also tell you everything about oral hygiene you need to maintain in order to keep your teeth in good condition and healthy.

The quote also includes all information about materials used. Our clinic only uses ISO certified german materials and medical devices.

Our dentists and oral surgeons do their best in order to provide you the highest quality treatment possible, however problems may occour after treatment. No matter which country or which clinic you choose and how much you pay for dental treatment problems unfortunately might occur as dentists work on human tissue (teeth and jawbone). The difference can be how your problem will be managed and solved.

In order to maintain guarantee conditions you need annual check-ups. Check-ups are free and the same free services are provided to it as it is for dental treatment. We assist you in booking your accommodation if it is needed and free hotel-airport transfer is also provided

In case you have problems, please let us know about it as soon as possible. You need to explain the problem in detail and we may ask you to send us some photos about the teeth concerned as well. Your dentist will have this information and decide about treatment and length of stay needed to fix this problem. We book your appointments for guarantte treatments as soon as possible for the period that suits you. Guarantee treatment in Budapest is 100% free it is at no cost to you.