Dental treatment in Hungary

If you are looking for the best quality dental treatments in Budapest and you would like to save up to 70% of costs compared to Great Britain and Ireland prices, we are inviting you to visit our dental clinics located inBudapest, Europe’s top country providing the highest quality and most affordable dental treatments for everyone.

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Visit Budapest for your better smile!

Most of the dental work carried out at our dental in Budapest is advanced treatments such as crowns, bridges, veneers and larger reconstructions involving dental implants.

As a consequence of it prospective patients’, who are thinking about dental treatment in Budapest, most feared difficulties are the quality of dental work and after care.

No wonder, would-be patients take a leap into the unknown and risk that their expectations will not be met. Do your research and minimize the potential risks.

Benefits of getting dental treatment in Budapest in a nutshell:

  1. World class treatment at discounted dental rates by professional dentists and oral surgeons in Budapest.
  2. Possibility to ask for tax relief based on the invoice of your dental treatment in Hungary.
  3. Holiday in a European city in between the breaks of treatment.
  4. Additional services from your dental practice such as: transfer, accommodation at a discounted price at the partner hotels.
  5. Organization of your free time activities in Budapest.

What do we recommend you to check before making a decision about getting treated abroad?

The best is if you can be provided with initial consultation facilities before treatment in your country by the clinic. (Check Budapest Top Dental options at “booking an appointment” at the left menu.)

And then check the quality of surgeries and dental materials used. (Check Budapest Top Dental options at “F.A.Q.” and “Gallery” at top menu.)

It is also good to know what procedures and documentation you are provided with during and after treatment. (Check Budapest Top Dental options at “ISO 9001 quality certification” at the top menu.)

What about the after care/guarantee possibilities. (Check Budapest Top Dental options at “Guarantees” at the top menu.)

Try to get some first-hand experience from patients who were treated by the clinic you want to choose. (Check Budapest Top Dental options at “testimonials” at the top menu.)

And last but not least listen to your gut feelings.

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What is the process before your dental treatment in Budapest begins?

1., How to begin the whole process? If you like traveling then please go through the whole description, but if you are too busy to visit Budapest you can get treated at our London and Dublin clinic too where you can also save a lot to your home country dental prices. You have two options here if you want to be treated in Budapest and want to save up to 70%. Either you book an appointment at our Dublin/London facilities or you forward us your panoramic X-ray.

In the first case please use the “Find out how much you can save” form at the left menu of this page. Please, write down what treatment you are after. As per the X-ray or a detailed description we will send you a quotation within one working day.

In the second case you have to book an appointment using the “Booking an appointment” form at the left menu of this page. To book an appointment at one of our practices, please, first choose the city, then set the dates and timeslots. Please set the 3 possible dates and timeslots that would work out for you so that we can get you the best dates. We will get back to you with a confirmed appointment date as soon as possible.

2., Following the first step our dentists in Budapest will prepare you more than one quotations, so whatever your budget is you will find an option that suits you best.

3., In the decision making process feel free to ask as many questions as you want. At this stage you can contact former patients who already went through the same treatment and you can talk to your would-be dentists in Budapest on the phone.

4., If you made a “go” decision  then please, harmonize your preferred date with us. Following booking your appointment at our dental in Budapest, please book your flights. As your quotation was only about your treatment plan, please let us know if you want to make further savings on accommodation, too please, click here

5., Upon arrival a chauffeur will pick you up at the airport and based on your schedule will take you either to the hotel or the clinic and will provide you with a mobile phone to reach us at any time.

6., During you stay in Budapest our chauffeur will take you to and from the hotel and clinic, if you like. During your treatment you will have some days to enjoy the beautiful sights of our beloved Budapest. Please, click here to find places and events are worth visiting.

7., After treatment you can pay by cash, credit card (terminals for Euro, GBP and Forint) and by bank transfer. You can also pay by bank transfer if it arrives to the bank account before your last appointment on each visit.

8., Do not forget to have MED2 form filled out for 20% tax relief. For full details regarding tax relief on dental treatments in Hungary, please contact your local tax office.

9. And last but not least in order to have a confident smile as long as possible, practice good oral hygiene.

Why do Brits and Irishmen come to Budapest for dental treatment?

As the prices of dental implants and any other cosmetic dentistry treatments are getting higher and higher in Western Europe more and more people are trying to find a less expensive solution for their dental problems. Hungary is an ideal solution because the reputation of dentsits in Budapest is very high.

Budapest Top Dental offers dental cares in Budapest at a 30-70% cheaper price than the rates charged in Ireland or the UK. Guarantee conditions are as good as they are in your own country if not better. For example for dental implants lifetime guarantee is provided. If guarantee treatments are needed all costs are met by the clinics, including flights and accommodation as well. The dentists and oral surgeons carry out all treatments with the latest dental equipment in Budapest, Dublin and London as well.

Before your dental journey begins to Budapest you get all details about it from the cordinator of Budapest Top Dental and all of your questions will be answered. You can even talk to your dentist in Budapest on the phone if you wish. Before and during your dental trip to Budapest you are provided you with personalized support. The staff helps you organize your trip including your hotel reservations and flight tickets and offers you airport-hotel transport for free of charge as well. Plus if you wish Budapest Top Dental helps you organize your free time activity in Budapest or even in the whole country if you wish in between the gaps of treatment.

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An important issue about dental tourism to Budapest

How long do you need to be away from home in the case of dental treatment in Budapest?

Usually patients of dental tourism worry about the period and the number of dental visits to Budapest before treatment which is no problem at all. They also want to know all possibilities about accommodation, transfers and getting around in Budapest as well. Thanks to loads of low-cost flight companies you can travel cheap to Hungary. Hotels, public transport are cheap and well managed in Budapest as well, so you really have nothing to worry about.

How long should dental tourism patients stay in Budapest?

The length and number of visits depend on the specific dental treatment you get.

Dental treatments that take a single visit to Budapest

If one needs simple dental treatments such as tooth extractions, teeth whitening, fillings, inlays / onlays, crowns and root canals, it is enough to come to Budapest for a 3-6 day visit. If you are too busy to spend six days in a row in Budapest, you can divide it into two 2-6 visits with a minimum gap of three days in between visits.

If you need dentures, you have to stay in Budapest for 8-12 days in a row, or you can divide it into two tours of 5-6 days.

Dental treatments that take several visits to Budapest

If the patient requires a complex dental care, such as sinus lift, bone grafting and dental implants, you will need several visits according to the facilities of the chosen dental clinic in Budapest.

The first visit takes 3-4 days. In many cases sinus lift and bone grafting is performed right before the implants will be placed in the jaw. Finally you get a laser therapy for faster healing. In some cases, you may need a healing time of three-six months before your implants are placed after sinus lift and bone grafting. Your dentist will tell you how many visits and how long healing time are needed for this treatment, based on a panoramic x-ray and a 3D Scan. Ten days later stitches can be removed but this treatment is not performed in the clinic in Budapest because any dentist can do it in your own country almost for free of charge.

At the second visit after 3-6 months healing time, your dentist will place the healing screws and abutments in the dental implant and finally places crowns on your implants at the Budapest clinic. In some cases a two week healing period is needed in between the placement of healing screws and abutments.

Healing and treatment periods are only for information

As per a panoramic x-ray and a 3D Scan we prepare a quotation for all dental tourism patients before traveling to Budapest. We specify how long each visit will be in Budapest and how many times the patient must come to Hungary for dental treatment.

Do you want a new beautiful smile at a reasonable price? Ask for a quote and a member of the customer service team will get back to you with a treatment plan and a quote with all the information you need to know about being treated in Budapest.


Why get your dental treatment in Hungary?

Some facts about dental tourism in Budapest

There are some countries in Europe that specialize in dental tourism. Among these european countries by far the most patients recieve dental treatment in Hungary. Dental tourism patients to Budapest (Hungary) nearly covers 50% of people seeking dental treatment in Europe.
Dental tourism to Budapest is among those few industries that even grew during the big economical crisis. The number of medical tourism patients grow worldwide by 13-16% annually.

Dental tourism is a real industry in Hungary. Not all Budapest dental practices are capable of providing dental treatments to patients from abroad because it takes big investments and continuous improvement. There are around 80 dental clinics in Budapest that treat foreign patients and 200 in the country. These dental practices operate 2 – 10 dental chairs and employ ~800 professional dentists and oral surgeons plus 5.000 supplementary staff who work as dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians, receptionists and customer service representatives.
In Hungary there are ~5.500 dentists who are registered and work as dentists.

There are around 60.000 dental patients who come for treatment to Hungary from Europe annually. Most of them seek dental treatment in Budapest from English, French and German speaking countries. A patient spends 5-8 days on average in Hungary for treatment. This length of time usually takes two visits to Budapest. During this short period of time such complex dental treatments are carried out in high quality in our Budapest dental that might take months and cost 40-70% more in Ireland.

So if you want to receive a world class quality dental treatment choose Budapest Top Dental.



Patients travel thousands of miles to get their teeth fixed in Hungary

How did it begin? – A little history about dental toursim to Hungary

After the second world war Austrian patients came to Hungary for dental treatment as prices were low but of high quality. It has not been dental tourism to Hungary, yet as only patinets came driving an hour or less, or even by bike for treatment. They came for an appointment and then went home. After a while this cross the border dental industry began to grow as good news spread about the high quality and low cost of dental treatment in Hungary. First patients in the 1980s came from all over Austria and then from german speaking countries. As dental prices are very high in all over western Europe French and English speaking patients come by the thousands annually for treatment to Budapest by the 2000s. Dental patients from abroad were treated at the beginning in one dental chair surgeries but as demand grew dental clinics grew as well. Now there are a lot of dental clinics operating 2-10 dental chairs in Budapest and at the western border of Hungary specializing in treating foreign patients. But due to the wide spread of low cost airlines the centre of dental tourism is Budapest in Hungary.

If you do not want to take out a loan on dental treatment, get your teeth treated in Budapest – an investment that is more than worthwhile

More than 40% of European dental tourism patients come to Budapest for dental treatment. Since dental treatment is the most expensive in Europe in the UK around 50.000 patients seek treatment abroad and the majority of them prefers Budapest for treatment. English people come to Budapest because in the UK it is very hard to get dental services from NHS as dental practices terminate contracts with NHS. This is why you can practically get your teeth fixed at private practices at extremely high rates around in 80% of the UK. Surveys show that shocking fact that 6% of UK population had to treat themselvs such as extracting teeth with pliers or sticking a broken crown with superstrong glue. They are forced to do it as private dental rates are prohibitevely high for them in the UK.
Since dental prices are very high in Ireland and HSE services are only limited and approval process can be long for medical card holders Irish people also prefer Budapest for dental treatment. Anyway Irish people make the second largest number visiting Budapest for dental treatment.

Those who choose Budapest for dental treatment make a good decision as dental clinics are very well eqiupped here. Dentists receive a comprehensive training here and education time is the longest here in Europe and quality of dental work is first class. Usually middle class people come to Budapest for treatment from the UK and France. Wealthy people get their teeth done in their home countries at high dental rates but middle class people put treatment and holiday together and return home with a brand new smile saving thousands on treatment.
Some statistics show that it is worth flying from the USA to Budapest as dental treatments are 30-40% cheaper here than in Mexico.