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Turn your dental treatment into a holiday and save up to 70% on it in Hungary. Be treated by top dentists in Budapest.



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If you want to save up to 50-70% on your dental costs, we will help you get a risk- and stress-free, cost-efficient, exceptionally high quality dental treatment at our Budapest dental clinic in Hungary. You will be treated by using fine materials with state-of-the-art equipment. Our dentists and oral surgeons are trained in the latest dental implant and cosmetic dentistry techniques. Get a dental treatment in Budapest you will be satisfied with – guaranteed.

In the gallery/dental clinic section not only can you look at images but you can take a 3D virtual tour of our clinic. The clinic is in the very city of Budapest just a few steps away from the very famous party area. There are seven surgeries and an x-ray room all equipped with the latest technologies. Discover our Budapest dental clinic from your home with your own eyes.

Autumn special offer! Please, note that our clinic provides 10% discount on dental implants. So you can have a good quality implant at a rate of as low as 430EUR/326GBP with lifetime guarantee.

We often have special offers. PROMOTION 2017 – please, click here to learn more.

Why is it worth you having a dental treatment in Budapest?

Budapest is not only the capital of Hungary, but it is also the no. 1. destination of dental tourism.

First of all you may save up to 70% on dental treatment, secondly you may claim for 20% tax relief if you are from Ireland and last but not least you get the same treatment care and quality by our dentists in Budapest  as you get in your home country while you are on a holiday in a beautiful, friendly and historical country.

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You can read here some testimonials of our valued patients:

“Love this facility. Highly recommend it. Very clean and organized.” A. H. – Ireland

“You have been extremely professional throughout this process.” J. C. – UK.

“Highly qualified staff, attention is totally paid to the patient, first-class equipment, effective organization. I do not regret my choice, everything was perfect. I will recommend your clinic to my friends and my colleagues ” Hervé F. – France.

“I had a gap between my two front teeth and the job done by Dr Manolakis at the Budapest Top Dental is more than satisfying. I can smile with open mouth and show my front teeth proud of the result. Thanks.” Helene Ohayon – Ireland.

“Thank you for your super efficient organisation of last week’s trip, from start to finish. I was nervous about the amount of work that needed to be done (a full upper reconstruction with a total of 14 replacements) but was put at ease from the outset by the skill and care of Dr Adam Bodnar. At no time in the 4 long sessions did I experience any pain, and was particularly impressed by the continual checking and rechecking of the fit and aesthetics of the final solution. The result is nothing short of perfect, and exceeded my expectations.” Mike E. – UK”

Here you can read more testimonials of our satisfied patients.


Medical research shows the link between overall health and dental health. Don’t put off taking care of your teeth because of the high cost! With our clinic you can get the dental work you need at a price you can afford, plus a fabulous vacation. Contact us right now on the left menu of this page for schedules, savings or more information.

“Budapest is more cosmopolitan than Prague, more romantic than Warsaw and more beautiful than both.” as Lonely Planet travel guide says. To turn your dental terament a real holiday in Budapest, by clicking here you can download our tourism information package.

So, if you want to turn your dental treatment into a mini-holiday, Budapest (Hungary) is the best city to choose. Budapest Top Dental prides itself on making your dental holiday in Budapest an experience to remember, by helping with accommodations, travel, and even activities in your leisure time. To top it all at Budapest Top Dental you will be treated by a team of friendly dentists, technicians and patient support who are all trained to the highest standards and are fluent in English. If you do not speak English, or prefer any other language, just let us know and find you the right solution. Our dentists outside English speak Russian, French, German and Italian.

The most preferred treatment of our patients is placement of dental implants in Budapest.

If you click here you can learn everything about dental implant treatments in Budapest.

Our dental in Budapest is ISO 9001 Quality Certified and equiped with ‘state of the art facilities’ so Budapest Top Dental is the leading edge in the field of dentistry. Here you can see our facilities. The success rate of complex treatments at our clinic is as high as 99,50%, which is much higher than industry average. It means that a guarantee treatment is needed in 1 case out of 200. (Industry average is 97%.)

During your treatment, as each tooth is worked on photos are taken at the key stages with oral cameras. This is to record every step of the process. All of these images are available for you to take back, so your regular dentist will know exactly what was done, why and how.

Besides our Budapest dental we have dental facilities in Dublin and London, so you do not have to fly over to Budapest, for every single treatment in the process, but minor treatments such as stich removal or placing healing screws to teeth implants (Alpha Bio, Nobel replace) …etc. can be carried out in your home country making the whole treatment simpler and safer for you.

In the unlikely event if guarantee treatments are needed we will arrange for the problem to be assessed and for recommendations for remedial work to be made either at our UK or Budapest dental clinics. Any problems with the materials used are usually apparent within the first two months of treatment. However, we ensure a significantly longer warranty period on the materials we use. (Warranty periods for materials: Alpha Bio -10 years, Nobel replace – lifetime.) Guarantee treatement in most of the cases are carried out by our qualified dentists at the Budapest dental at no cost to you.

If you are thinking about getting a dental treatment in Budapest at our dental clini then we will help you plan your visit offer you the best dentistry solutions and treatments on offer whatever your budget is whilst enjoying the beautiful city of Budapest. The costs are so much lower that you can afford to fly here, undergo dental treatment, enjoy the sights and still save, on average 50-70 %.

People choose this way of care even for the simplest treatment to the longest interventions such as dental implant. The reasons for it are very plain; first they can save money on dental care, second they can go on vacation to an exotic, historical country, where they would not go otherwise.

If you get treated at our Budapest dental, you can increase your savings as Hungary is an EU country. Furthermore, our invoices can also be used for a tax reimbursement which must be arranged with your bookkeeper. If you are from Ireland you may claim for tax relief, currently topped at 20%, for dental treatments done in Hungary. At the end of your treatment in Budapest, the dental clinic will fill out MED2 form for you at your request. For full details regarding tax relief on dental treatments, please contact your local tax office.

Kind care before, during and after your dental treatment as we would like to be treated.

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You can follow the process here.

When you feel ready to discuss your dental treatment needs, or if you have any queries, about teeth implants, bridges, crowns or veneers…or anything else, please feel free to contact us for a free, no-obligation quote, or book an appointment at our Budapest/Dublin/London clinic. We will do our bests to provide you with your quote in 1 working day.

Budapest Top Dental will make initial enquiries, obtain up to 95% accurate quotation with a dental treatment plan tailored for you (provided you can supply us with your panoramic x-ray and digital photos) or if you would like tomeet your would-be dentist in Budapest before deciding on going to Budapest, you have an option of having a consultation for full assessment in Dublin or London where you will be able to discuss your treatment options and as a result be given a comprehensive treatment plan and quotation.

When you decide to go ahead with the treatment, we will assist you with booking your accommodation, and providing you with your treatment schedule and travel information. Once in Budapest, if you wish you will be greeted at the airport and  transfers will be provided by the clinic to bring you from and to the airport and for every visit to and from the clinic.  For a 24 hour assistance patients are supplied with a hungarian mobile phone for the duration of their visit so that we may be able to contact you, and what’s more important you may contact us.

Dental treatment in Budapest is getting more and more popular. If you want to know more and the reasons, please click on dental treatment in Hungary.

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